Sattler Place


Old garage still standing on the Sattler Place  in 1993.  The original home's foundation stands behind the present house.

Old shed still standing on the Sattler Place in 1993. The original home’s foundation stands behind the present house.


8946 Dick Rd. Rock Creek, Oregon (formerly in West Union city limits, then Rock Creek, now incorporated into Hillsboro)

“West Union was the meeting place of early pioneers, trappers, and Indians.  The name of the community comes from this meeting place or union in the west.”  (Hillsboro Argus, February 12, 1976)

The third Fergus home in Oregon was located in West Union, near Rock Creek, Washington County, Oregon.  They rented a farm here while Boyd continued to work in the shipyards.  This home was very well kept with a big kitchen and a built-in back porch with windows.  There were three rooms upstairs, one bedroom downstairs that was used as a living room, and a stairway in the middle of the house.  (The old house itself is gone now.  It was moved down the hill and later destroyed.  In the early 1990s the old foundation still stood behind the present house.)

There was a bus from West Union to the shipyards and Boyd could walk home if Cleo wasn’t there to pick him up.  It was while they were living here that little Monty had problems with a hernia.  One night, after Boyd had left for work, Monty started having some terrible pains and began to scream and scream.  Cleo was alone without a car, no telephone, and no close neighbors; no way to get help for her little boy.  All she could do was pray.  This seemed to have a temporary calming effect on her little boy and her prayers were soon answered because Boyd came home because of car trouble and they were able to take Monty to the hospital.

The doctors operated on Monty to repair the hernia and he experienced no trouble from it again.  Cleo however, went into the hospital herself to bring another baby into the family.  Gary Leon Fergus was born January 6, 1945.  Cleo cried at first because she had wanted another little girl so badly, but afterwards felt so sorry for she would not have traded her sweet little blond-headed boy for anything.  Cleo was once again in the hospital with one of her children, because Monty was still recovering from surgery.  She could hear him hollering, “Good morning mommy, this is Monty.”  In eleven days she took both boys home.  Now the family consisted of four boys and one girl and it would remain this way.

Life for Darwin proved tough in the school department when they moved to the Sattler place.  His friend George used to tell him awful horror stories as they walked home from the bus.  Darwin would then tell them to Dorothy, and they’d scare themselves silly.  Darwin also had a tough time with his new schoolteacher.  When the family moved to the Sattler place, he changed schools.  The teacher of his new (one-room) school liked to pick on him because he’d gone to “fancy” Columbia Academy.  It was also at this house that the children contracted a case of the “itch” (lice) from friends.  The doctor prescribed a real hot bath, a good scrub of the skin, and then special medicine.  Boy, did that medicine burn.  The kids would run up and down the stairs trying to get cool after their treatment.

Contact with the Church, particularly during wartime was difficult.  The nearest branch at the time was in Portland and with gas rationing the family’s trips to church were few and far between.  Boyd and Cleo struggled to keep their children close to the church by setting a good example and teaching them gospel principles at home.

Grandma Martha Peterson, came for a visit shortly after her second husband died and ended up moving to Oregon.  She used the insurance money from her husband’s death for a down payment on a house in Hillsboro.  Boyd went to Utah and helped his mother move her household.  The Fergus family kept their washing machine at her house and as a result, visited her often.

The view from the Sattler Place in 1993.

The view from the Sattler Place in 1993.

Sattler Place - Cascadian Wholesale Nursery

Cascadian Wholesale Nursery Supply now occupies the property once known as the Sattler Place.  2016.

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