William Maughan Fergus

William Maughan Fergus

19 November 1879 – 21 November 1939

Willie - William Maughan Fergus Davidson - as an infant.

Willie – William Maughan Fergus Davidson – as an infant.

William Maughan Fergus was a very dapper man with two gold front teeth, the result of an accident with a mule.  He graduated from the Utah Agricultural College at Logan, Utah, in the field of veterinary medicine.  He was a good veterinarian but rarely practiced the profession.  He was also a great lover of horses.  Everyone always admired his horses; the way he cared for them and handled them.  One of Boyd’s earliest memories was of a team of white horses, owned by his father, that were always borrowed to pull the hearse in funeral processions.  Before taking the team out in public, William Maughan would scrub them with soap and water until they shined.

William Maughan loved change.  He tried many different jobs throughout his life, even working as a logger and sawmill man in the Pacific Northwest as a young man.  His stories and experiences made a big impression on Boyd, his firstborn son.  An impression that would later influence Boyd’s decision to move his own family to Oregon in the late 1930s.

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