Mobile Home

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13550 NE Roedel Rd., Newberg, Yamhill, Oregon

In 1978, Boyd decided to retire.  Mr. Patton had always told the Fergus’ that they didn’t need to worry about their retirement because it was taken care of.  Unfortunately, all he meant was that Social Security would be available.  It was very hard for Boyd and Cleo to accept this after all the time they spent working for him.

One day, on the way to Salem, Oregon, they saw a beautiful mobile home for sale, sitting out in a yard.  They bought it for $6000.  Their daughter Dorothy offered to let them site the trailer by her home and a special variance was obtained from the county.  After moving from the big house on the Patton farm, they felt a little discouraged because their new home was so much smaller, but they did look forward to more relaxing days with no farm chores.

Retirement turned out to be filled with ups and downs.  Boyd suffered with chest pains a great deal of the time, but he also had the time to relax, go along on fishing and hunting trips, and work-related trips with his boys.  He occasionally rode along with Monty on appliance repair visits and worked on several remodeling jobs with his son Gary.

Boyd always enjoyed a new car.  He didn’t usually buy himself a lot of things, but every five years or so he would splurge on a new car, typically a Chevrolet.  The Chevrolet dealer was a good friend of Boyd’s so he felt like he got a good deal.  Boyd also liked to have a nice suit and hat even though he didn’t dress up a lot.

049012095 (2)Boyd and Cleo enjoyed visiting the Seattle Temple more often and taking trips together.  Many of the trips were just short visits to the Oregon Coast.  They also visited family in Utah, and went to Yellowstone National Park together.  It was while on this trip that Cleo jumped out of the car to take a picture of a bear, causing Boyd great anxiety.  She quickly jumped back in though, when the bear started towards her.

After Boyd’s death in 1983, Cleo continued to live in the mobile home next to her daughter Dorothy.


Mobile Home

The property is now owned by Eloheh Farm, a sustainable, organic teaching farm.  2016.

Strawberry Place

Strawberry Place - 2015

11905 Dudley Rd. Newberg, Yamhill, Oregon

While living at the Patton place, Boyd and Cleo decided to invest in some property relatively close by.  They had always wanted a piece of property of their own; a place to go when they retired.  The farm was about 13 acres, 5 of which was planted in strawberries, hence the name.  The family raised pigs here and the land also had cherry trees.  Darwin and his wife Barbara lived here for a time shortly after they were married.  Everyone helped remodel the existing house for them.  Boyd and Cleo sold the land after owning it for six to eight years.  All that is left on the property is a cleared plot of land in the fork of 2 roads, (northwest side of both the drainage and the roads) near a cluster of fir trees.