In Snowville, Utah during the 1930s it didn’t take much money to have a good time with friends.  Cleo and her girlfriends would usually take walks, and then when they got tired, they’d go home, eat deviled ham sandwiches with cocoa, and play Rook.  A loaf of bread and a can of deviled ham were only a nickel each.  They also loved to ride horses up into the nearby woods that they called The Cedars.  They would ride, talk and sometimes race their horses.  Cleo had an old horse named Tony that could never be beat.  Going to dances, school functions, church and so on were all excuses to be with friends.  Cleo’s brother taught her to dance and would escort her.  He would tell her, “Sister, when you’re dancing hold yourself up straight and dance nice.  It looks lots more graceful that way.”


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